Tax Dispute Resolutions

We can reduce both anxiety and tax bills when an HMRC investigation arises.

Tax Dispute Resolutions

Dealing with an HMRC investigation can be a difficult and stressful experience. Our support can make it less so – and secure the best possible outcome.

It is important, when HMRC make an enquiry into your (or your business’s) tax affairs, that you understand your rights as well as the rights of HMRC. It is not uncommon to see an investigation launched where HMRC in fact lack the legal right to enquire in the circumstances in question. Similarly, taxpayers may be asked to provide information or documents that HMRC have no right to demand.

An example of a situation where we have assisted


The client had undertaken a series of tax avoidance schemes. These had all been challenged and had failed. Liabilities in respect of these schemes were in part personal and in part attributable to the client’s main trading company.The client had received a number of threatening letters from HMRC before he approached us. Some of these had alluded to potential criminal sanctions.

The assistance we could provide

Our experience in dealing with HMRC in investigation cases means that we are able to alleviate much of the stress that can be involved with a dispute negotiation. It is normally possible to narrow the discussion to a realistic range of possible outcomes, eliminating the risk of criminal action or punitive levels of penalty.

With careful negotiation, it is often possible to reduce the overall amount payable, agree to scheduled payments over time and to remove the threat of high levels of penalty.

The result

We were able to engage with HMRC and to put the negotiations on to a manageable footing. After dealing with the Inspectors for little over year, we were able to reach an agreement which reduced the original HMRC claim by almost half and allowed for payment to be spread over a number of years. By co-operating with HMRC and working with them in a constructive way, the penalty was reduced to the lowest permitted by law.

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    “WestBridge have been a breath of fresh air. They are completely different from other firms I have dealt with. They are completely open and explain things clearly and honestly. It gives you great confidence that you are in good hands.”

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    “We had been told that we could not get HMRC clearance for a particular transaction. We just assumed that that was a given but when we spoke to WestBridge, they put this into some context so that we understood what the possible problem was. They clearly set out the pragmatic options and we did get clearance for pretty much the exact transaction we had in mind. Thank you.”

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    “Working with WestBridge has been great. I really feel like they understand my business and what I want to do. I know that this is a firm that’s in my corner and on my side.”

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