Our process for delivering an excellent advisory service

Our rigorous approach ensures we challenge assumptions and leave no stone unturned in the search for the very best solutions that can be provided.

Our approach

The WestBridge Way

Tax can present a real barrier to genuine commercial transactions. The complexities of the tax system mean that liabilities can arise in situations where no-one would expect there to be any charge. A host of special reliefs can allow deals to flow with only the normal level of intended tax cost. But accessing those reliefs – and avoiding other pitfalls – requires expert knowledge, attention to detail and often a degree of imagination.

There is always a solution to any problem and it is our job to find and deliver the very best outcome available.

We recognise that to deliver well-rounded advice of the highest standard we need to harness the collective knowledge and creativity of our tax experts. To that end, we have devised an approach that guides how we deliver our advice, and how we engage with our professional associates and their clients.

Getting to know you

We have an initial, no obligation, meeting so we can get to know the client and understand their commercial drivers.

It is important for us to identify what a client really wants. Understandably, clients will often frame a question in a way that can point towards the wrong answer. Our challenger mindset allows us to get to the heart of the problem or opportunity and to consider all possible options and solutions with a focus on the ultimate objective, even when this is a distant one.

The creative brainstorm

Following the initial meeting, our tax experts will meet to discuss the facts, commercial drivers, and the client’s underlying objective(s).

We assess all available tax planning options and decide which may be most suitable for the client to consider.

Proposal and engagement

We present the tax planning idea(s) identified in a detailed proposal to the client.

The majority of our proposals are made on a fixed fee basis and our fees are broken down into instalments payable on project deliverables e.g. issue of our tax report.

If our proposal is accepted, we issue our Engagement Letter and begin our work immediately following signature.

Project delivery

As the first part of the delivery process, we hold a further Creative Session to ‘deconstruct’ the tax planning and scrutinise each element in forensic detail to flush out key issues, and identify the actions required. A detailed plan of the delivery steps is produced from this with a timetable for delivery.

All of the steps are allocated to members of the team so everyone knows exactly what they need to do and by when. Progress on all cases is reviewed weekly against the projected timetable.

We present our tax analysis in a detailed technical report. This serves to provide complete transparency and records our thinking for possible future reference. We offer all of our clients a video conference or meeting to discuss the report to ensure this meets requirements and is understood by the client. A final version of the report is issued, normally before implementation begins.


We regularly act as project managers working with solicitors and others to ensure documentation is appropriate to give effect to the tax planning.

We make ourselves available to the client, their professional advisers and the solicitors throughout this process until the documents are signed and dated.


We provide every client with a completion pack that includes our advice, any claims or clearance applications made to HMRC (or other HMRC correspondence), our detailed tax advisory report, any tax elections, a legal completion bible and tax compliance and reporting guidance.

We do not provide compliance services, but we prepare guidance on all necessary tax reporting that is required. We also make ourselves available to clients or their agents to assist with reporting the transaction(s), reviewing any tax claims or elections, and entries within a return, before they are filed.



Very well done!

"Thank you for sending me the firm’s newsletter. I saw from this that you have been growing exponentially – very well done to both you, Lucas and your colleagues. It doesn’t surprise me. If you look after all your clients as well as you have looked after me and AMC Limited then you’re sure to continue to be successful.”

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A breath of fresh air

“WestBridge have been a breath of fresh air. They are completely different from other firms I have dealt with. They are completely open and explain things clearly and honestly. It gives you great confidence that you are in good hands.”

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Thank you!

“We had been told that we could not get HMRC clearance for a particular transaction. We just assumed that that was a given but when we spoke to WestBridge, they put this into some context so that we understood what the possible problem was. They clearly set out the pragmatic options and we did get clearance for pretty much the exact transaction we had in mind. Thank you.”

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Working with WestBridge has been great!

“Working with WestBridge has been great. I really feel like they understand my business and what I want to do. I know that this is a firm that’s in my corner and on my side.”

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