Redefining the delivery of tax advice

Our company values enable us to deliver the best outcome for you.

What makes us different

Our ‘Pillars of Excellence’ provide the foundation for everything we do as a business.

Our approach is designed to harness the power of collaboration and pool the extensive tax knowledge our people possess. The process enables us quickly to identify key issues and risks and challenge presuppositions, to bring clients uniquely tailored tax advice that extends to all the relevant aspects of tax law and allows them to meet their objectives.

Our process for delivering high quality in tax advisory services is founded on our ‘Pillars of Excellence’, our corporate values. These principles are more than words. They underpin everything we do in our professional lives.


We aim to equip people with the knowledge and skills needed to improve business and working lives.

So, what does that mean?

  • We want the people that make up our WestBridge family to be the very best possible versions of themselves. A combination of training, support with professional qualification and broad job experience is the route to success.
  • We openly share our ideas and knowledge with our introducers and associates.
  • We constructively challenge our clients so that our advice helps take them where they really want to go.



Our clients trust us to deliver on what we promise, our professional network entrusts us with a precious client relationship, and we trust each of our people to do their very best with skill and dedication.

So, what does that mean?

  • We make commitments to our clients from the outset and we take these commitments very seriously. Should we identify that we may fall short of these, we communicate this without delay to our clients.
  • Introducers entrust us with their client relationships. In turn we entrust them with a wealth of intellectual property and ideas.
  • Our people are given the freedom and responsibility to undertake their work in a manner that best suits them, unfettered by timesheets or other micro-management.



A challenger mindset for our people is an essential attribute to keep the business at the forefront of tax advisory services. Our clients value our ability to solve problems. Success in that stems from a ‘can do’ attitude.

So, what does that mean?

  • We take time to understand what a client really wants and the true purpose behind that objective.
  • We will constructively question the assumptions of our introducers and associates with the aim of producing the very best outcome.
  • Our people are challenged to develop and grow. It is our aim that our tax advisers are competent across all the taxes.


Beyond normal confidentiality requirements, we do not want there to be any secrets between us and our clients, our professional network, and our people. Clear and open communication is a cornerstone of the best possible client service.

So, what does that mean?

  • Every project has a dedicated team responsible for delivering on the agreed project, accessible by clients at all times.
  • The progress of a project and the next steps are clearly communicated with our clients.
  • The client’s other professional advisers (who will have referred the client to us) are given full sight of project plans and can access project management systems where required.



A wealth and depth of knowledge and understanding of UK tax legislation and case law is the fundamental cornerstone of the service we provide.

So, what does that mean?

  • No stone is left unturned in our pursuit of technical accuracy. Detailed technical reports provide a linchpin for every assignment.
  • Our depth of experience and expertise fuels our creative discussions with the professional advisers we collaborate with, making us ideally placed to identify opportunities.
  • Our systems encourage collaboration within the team to harness the wealth of expertise we have.



We encourage our people to aim for a healthy work/life balance. Similarly, we acknowledge that we are only one piece in the complex jigsaw that a client’s business interests may represent and we strive to see our work in its true context. Also, our introducers deserve reward for their efforts but not to the detriment of their impartiality.

So, what does that mean?

  • Our people have the opportunity to plan their working week in a way that is productive and works for them. Performance is measured on output.
  • We are acutely sensitive of the need to follow what the clients want. We strive always to meet the clients’ wishes without fixating solely on saving tax.
  • We make payments to our referrers to reward them for bringing a client opportunity to our attention. This monetises introducers’ time spent nurturing the client relationship.

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