Structure of a SSAS

A SSAS is an occupational pension scheme so it starts with a Principal employer creating the Trust and appointing the Member Trustees and Westbridge Trustees Limited as the Independent Trustee.

The scheme should have an audit trail account through which all transactions in and out of the scheme are processed and collectively the Trustees control the funds and make investments within the pension scheme.
The Trustees can employ other professionals such as accountants, solicitors, surveyors and financial advisers to advise them as appropriate. The Members can also employ a financial adviser in their own capacity if required.

All assets are held within the pension scheme and each Member has their own share of the scheme’s assets in accordance with the contributions and transfers paid in. When the time comes for benefits to be paid, the Trustees can liquidate the investments as required to provide the liquidity to make the benefit payments.

At all times the trust is controlled by the Trustees including the appointment or removal of any other professional advisers.