SSAS Investments

We will review any investment opportunity and evaluate its suitability.

SSAS Investments

A SSAS is a very flexible registered pension scheme with a wide range of potential investment opportunities, however certain investments can trigger tax charges. WestBridge will review any proposed investment and comment on any issues which may give rise to problems and/or tax charges. In certain circumstances, where we believe tax charges will arise or for other reasons given, we believe the investment is unsuitable for a SSAS we may reject the investment.

WestBridge SSAS can accept the following investment categories.

Some investments may require individual consideration and due diligence and WestBridge SSAS reserve the right to reject or unwind any investment that is deemed as unsuitable for a Small Self-Administered Scheme.

Certain assets are not permitted within a WestBridge SSAS including but not limited to:

Commercial Property

WestBridge SSAS’s specialist property team has considerable experience in the acquisition of commercial property within a registered pension scheme. Examples of commonly bought commercial properties include:

WestBridge will consider all forms of commercial property on an individual basis, but some properties cannot be accepted into a WestBridge SSAS including but not limited to:

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