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Our directors and senior administration team have a wealth of experience in the management and administration of Small Self-Administered Schemes.


Our directors and senior administration team have a wealth of experience in the management and administration of Small Self-Administered Schemes. Our consultation service may be helpful:

Where an Employer is considering creating a SSAS:

We are happy to discuss with employer company and their advisers, the feasibility of creation of a new SSAS, outline the establishment process, whether intended investments are permitted and tax efficient and the levels of potential contributions payable.

Where a Scheme has been operating without a recognised practitioner:

Quite often a SSAS will have had no recognised practitioner and may have fallen in administrative arrears. We are quite happy to provide a SSAS triage service to fully review and evaluate an existing SSAS and provide guidance on any actions that may be necessary to ensure that it is up to date and conforming with the requirements of HMRC and The Pensions Regulator.

Where the current practitioner needs to be replaced:

Sometimes an existing practitioner’s service may have fallen below the standards required by the client and an alternative SSAS service might be sought. The team at WestBridge have considerable experience in reviewing and taking over existing schemes and can provide guidance and all the necessary documentation to transfer the administration of the scheme to us.

Where an Executive Pension scheme needs to be converted to a SSAS:

Some executive schemes set up by employers with insurance companies whose investment flexibility is limited by their scheme documentation can be redocumented and converted to a Small Self-Administered Scheme. Using the current scheme’s existing trust can be advantageous in that a new pension trust is not required with the complexities and time delays of HMRC registration process. Similarly, realising the value of any insured investments is not regarded as a pension transfer so again this process can be more efficient.

Where a scheme needs to be wound up:

Some schemes, whether administered by practitioners or not will reach the end of their usefulness and where this happens, any residual funds remaining should be used to secure final benefits for any remaining members. Thereafter the scheme should be formally wound up and the trust dissolved. WestBridge SSAS can administer this process and notify HMRC so that their scheme records can be formally closed.

Problem Solving

There are not many scenarios that we haven’t previously encountered within a SSAS and we apply a pragmatic approach to solving potentially awkward situations or providing solutions that achieve clients objectives.

WestBridge Services do not include Regulated Advice

A Small Self-Administered Scheme is an occupational pension scheme which, if it has more than one member will be registered with and regulated by the Pension Regulator. Occupational pension schemes are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the information and guidance provided by WestBridge SSAS is not regulated advice.

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