SSAS Takeover

We can step in and administrate SSASs that have fallen below client expectation or where no previous administrator was in place.

Scheme Takeover

All SSASs are individual trusts which will have been individually registered with HMRC. The founder employer or trustees are able to appoint professional firms to assist them in the management of the trust and should they wish to replace any such firm they are able to do so without altering the structure of the original trust.

WestBridge SSAS can step into the role of professional trustee or Scheme Administrator for schemes where the existing service has fallen beneath client expectations or where no professional administrator has been in place.

The process to take over a scheme is as follows:

The completion of any takeover and full asset reregistration can take often take several months due to the many different parties involved in the process. We will endeavour to keep the client fully appraised of progress throughout this process.

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