SSAS Establishment Procedure

Our expertise will help you in reducing the risks of running a SSAS.

Scheme Establishment

Each SSAS is individually registered with HMRC as an Occupational Pension Scheme and receives its own unique Pension Scheme Tax Reference Number (PSTR). There are responsibilities and obligations on the scheme trustees and the Scheme Administrator. The Independent Trustee and Scheme Administrator is usually a pension professional with the knowledge needed to fulfil this role and therefore mitigate any potential tax penalties and fines for omissions or errors can be high.

Westbridge SSAS as an independent specialist is the best way to reduce the risks of running a SSAS.

SSAS trustees and administrators offer a variety of services but we believe that the only way the client can be fully reassured that the scheme is operating correctly is if a proactive role is provided.

The establishment process

  1. Completion of the New SSAS Establishment application forms. Westbridge also require a copy of the sponsoring and any adhering company’s Memorandum & Articles and certified copies of Anti Money Laundering Documents (AML) for each proposed member/trustee.
  2. Our new business team will check the information and deal with any queries directly with the members or their professional advisers. When we have completed our due diligence process, we prepare and send out an Establishment pack for completion including the following documents:
    1. Trust Deed and rules
    2. Terms of business and engagement letter
    3. Member announcement letters
    4. HMRC Pension Scheme Administrator registration form – per member
    5. Resolution appointing advisers
    6. Data protection resolution
    7. Expression of Wishes letter
    8. Appropriate bank mandate to open a trustee bank account
    9. Letters of authority to approach ceding scheme for any transfers.The original signed documents should be returned to Westbridge when completed.
  3. Once the completed douments have been returned, they will be signed and executed by Westbridge Trustees Limited and the scheme is then formally established. An online application is submitted to HMRC by Westbridge SSAS under our HMRC reference for registered status. Please note: Scheme registration is a long process whilst with HMRC and can take between 3 and 6 months. No contributions or transfers can be paid to the Scheme until it is registered with HMRC and has a unique PSTR number.
  4. Database records created and Scheme Bank account opened.
  5. If there are 2 or more members, the scheme is also registered with the Pensions Regulator (PSR) and the Data Protection Commissioner (ICO).
  6. Transfers (if applicable) and/or contributions can be paid to the Scheme.

WestBridge SSAS provides the following services:

Independent Trustee

Bank Account Signatory

Scheme Administrator (in conjunction with the member trustees)

What we don’t provide

We do not promote any investment proposition to our SSAS scheme members.

Our role is solely to ensure the scheme remains in a good state of administration and operates within HMRC/PSR regulations and investment proposals are within HMRC guidance and appropriate trustee prudency levels.

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